September 11, 1997

Stephen G. Williams, Chairman
Appraiser Qualifications Board
The Appraisal Foundation
1029 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005-3517

Dear Steve:

We received your September 2, 1997 letter responding to our August 22 letter regarding additional continuing education issues that have been raised by various States. One of these issues, "carryover" of excess continuing education hours, has particular importance because of its use in a number of States.

We asked for your interpretation of AQB criteria before we responded to the State raising the question. You, in turn, asked to be given time to present the issue to your board at your upcoming November 5 meeting before providing such an interpretation. We have no problem delaying our response until your board has considered this issue. Please provide a written AQB interpretation/position as soon as possible following your November 5 meeting.


Ben Henson
Executive Director