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Delegations of Authority


Pursuant to the Appraisal Subcommittee’s (ASC’s) authority under Title XI, the ASC has delegated specific functions and duties to its Chairperson and staff. In addition to the delegations listed in this document, general areas of responsibility and authority, as well as other specific delegations of authority, have been and will be made in other documents, including, but not limited to, ASC regulations, policy statements, manuals, position descriptions, orders and certain instructions. All authority not expressly delegated is reserved by the ASC. All delegations must agree with applicable laws and regulations. Unless specifically provided for in the delegations below, there is no authority to redelegate. An authority to make a redelegation is specifically set forth in these delegations. All authorized redelegations of authority shall be made in writing. An individual who acts in the capacity of another is vested with all of the delegated authority of the position. No redelegation is needed if one has been authorized in writing to act in the capacity of another.

The following compilation of delegations of authority reflects those authorities delegated or whose delegation was reaffirmed at the ASC’s May 10, 1995 meeting, amended at the ASC’s October 8, 1995 meeting, and further amended at the ASC’s March 14, 2012 meeting.

2013.12.11 ASC Delegations of Authority