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Using the National Registry

The National Registry is a database containing selected information about the Nation's State certified and licensed real estate appraisers. The National Registry does NOT contain information on ALL appraisers. It only contains information about appraisers who currently are, or have been, certified or licensed by a U.S. State, Territory or possession to perform appraisals in connection with Federally-related real estate transactions. Only State certified or licensed appraisers who are listed on this National Registry as having currently valid certifications or licenses are authorized under Federal law to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions. Note that expiration dates on actual certificates or licensing documents may differ from expiration dates listed in the National Registry. National Registry expiration dates specifically relate to the legal authority of certified or licensed appraisers to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions.

State appraiser regulatory agencies submit appraiser information to the ASC at least monthly. This information keeps the National Registry current. We accept appraiser information ONLY from these State agencies. No one else can submit information for inclusion in the National Registry. While we believe the information is generally reliable, we have not independently verified each item's accuracy. If you have a question about an item, we suggest that you contact the relevant State agency. Find State appraiser regulatory agencies contact information

You may search the National Registry database in two ways. First, you can select a pre-defined "quick search." These quick searches, search the database to return the most commonly requested information. You also can choose to advanced search and query for specific information not returned by the standard queries. In general, unless you are an ASC-authorized State appraiser regulatory agency official, you will not be able to access information regarding National Registry Numbers and disciplinary actions other than revocations, suspensions, and voluntary surrenders in lieu of disciplinary action. The National Registry reports as public information active disciplinary actions that limit an appraiser’s ability to appraise (current revocations, suspensions, and voluntary surrenders in lieu of discipline). If you require further information regarding other types of disciplinary action, completed disciplinary actions, or license specific information, please contact the State agency directly.


The National Registry was updated in 2010 to include a credential history report and may not reflect the full record.  To obtain the complete history of an appraiser's credentials, you must contact the State real estate appraiser licensing agency


To receive automated email notifications about the status (active or expired) and disciplinary actions (revocations, suspensions, and surrenders) regarding appraisers on the National Registry, sign up for ASC E-mail Notifications.