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Daily National Registry Email Notices

National Registry email notifications provide: (1) a daily email listing of appraisers that State appraiser regulatory agencies have taken disciplinary actions against (revocations, suspensions, and voluntary surrenders in lieu of discipline); and (2) a daily report of expired appraiser licenses and certifications.  Notification emails are available as text files, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets.  Be sure to choose a format that is compatible with your email provider.

ASC Agency Updates Email Notices:

Notifications are sent out periodically when the ASC has new and important information to share with various stakeholders and interested parties. For example, important announcements relative to the Dodd-Frank Reform Act will be made on the ASC website and through these notices.



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Download National Registry Email Notifications


ASC posts all of the National Registry notifications sent by email each day. Search notifications by type, year, or month.  You may download  the notifications in multiple file formats.

    Public Notices (Available to all users)
    Private Notices (Available only to State Regulatory Agencies)

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