General Correspondence

1999.02.11 LTR AF Report on Agreed-Upon Procedures
2000.10.13 LTR AF Report on Agreed-Upon Procedures
2006.12.07 LTR AF National USPAP Course Costs
2009.11.03 TALCB ASC Opinion Litigation
2009.11.05 LTR SD comment on proposed legislation
2009.11.20 LTR All States Distance Education
2009.11.24 LTR ASC Auditors Litigation
2010.02.02 Response to HI Speaker 2009.11.30 LTR
2010.02.25 LTR VI Governor Appointment to Board
2010.03.11 LTR MN Proposed Legislation
2010.03.16 Response from HI Speaker to 2010.02.20 ASC LTR
2010.03.26 LTR All States New Invoice Processing System
2010.05.11 LTR KY Budget Director
2010.06.16 LTR from NJ Congressman Complaint
2010.06.28 ASC response to NJ Congressman 2010.06.16 LTR
2010.10.12 LTR to FHFA Welcome
2010.10.14 Media Release
2010.10.22 ASC Bulletin 10-1 Supplement
2011.01.11 LTR MT House of Rep HB 40
2011.01.11 LTR NH Possible Board Merger
2011.01.18 LTR From NH Budget Director
2011.01.19 Press Release National Hotline
2011.01.31 LTR WA Possible Elimination of Commission
2011.03.07 LTR NH Budget Director
2011.03.18 ASC Bulletin 2011-01
2011.03.18 Press Release regarding ASC Bulletin 2011-01
2011.08.08 LTR MT Resp to Proposed Rule
2011.08.08 LTR SD AMC Registration
2011.10.13 LTR OK NR Fee Extension
2012.06.06 LTR OR Proposed Revision Rule 161
2012.08.20 LTR NY NR Fee Requirement
AARO Board Member Training Manual
ASC Advisory Committee Balanced Membership Plan
ASC Advisory Committee Charter
ASC Bulletin 10-1 National Registry Fee
ASC Staff's Suggested Complaint Log Data
ASC Supplement to Bulletin 2011-01
Media Release and Supplement to Bulletin 10-1
Voluntary Disciplinary Action Matrix Updated 2013