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State Compliance Review Correspondence 

Title XI requires the ASC to "monitor the requirements established by States for the certification and licensing of individuals who are qualified to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions, including a code of professional responsibility." 

More specifically, the ASC must monitor State appraiser regulatory agencies to determine whether its policies, practices, and procedures are consistent with Title XI. 

Towards that end, the ASC has a two-year cycle for monitoring State appraiser regulatory programs. In general, each State review consists of an on-site visit, the preparation of an ASC staff field review report (which is not publicly available), and an ASC field review letter to the State agency containing the ASC''s findings, recommendations, and requirements. State agencies are invited to respond to this letter within sixty days. Field review letters are not placed on the website until the earlier of our receipt of a State response letter or the end of the sixty-day period. 

This page contains a database of all ASC field review letters and State response letters since September 1996. You may search this database by using the search engine below. You may choose to retrieve documents by State and/or by subject. Simply select your search terms by using the drop-down boxes or by entering a Search Phrase. 

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