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Statement 8: National Registry of State Certified and Licensed Appraisers

A.    General Roster and Registry Fee Requirements

Title XI requires the States to transmit to the ASC no less than annually: (1) a roster listing individu­als who have received a State certification or license to perform appraisals and (2) a $25 Registry fee from individuals who have received certification or licensing. Fee and roster requirements apply to all individuals who receive State certifications or licenses originally or by reciprocity, whether or not the individuals in fact are performing, or plan to perform, appraisals in federally related transactions. If an appraiser is certified or licensed in more than one State, the appraiser is required to be on each State’s roster of certified or licensed appraisers and a Registry fee is due from each State in which the appraiser is certified or licensed.

Only appraisers on the National Registry are eligible to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions. Some States may give State certified or licensed appraisers an option of not paying Registry fees. If a State certified or licensed appraiser chooses not to pay the fee, then the credentialing State agency must ensure that any potential user of that appraiser’s services is aware that the appraiser’s certificate or license is limited to performing appraisals in connection with non-federally related trans­actions. The State agency must place a conspicuous notice directly on the face of any evidence of the appraiser’s authority to appraise stating, “Not Eligible To Appraise Federally Related Transactions.”

B.    Description of National Registry

The ASC has provided the States with detailed specifications regarding the data elements that comprise the Registry and related reporting procedures. States must use systems for data input and maintenance that recognize specifications of the ASC system to ensure system compatibility.

To assist the States in recording and submitting data efficiently and cost effectively, the ASC has de­veloped a personal computer software package. It is contained on diskettes and is provided at no charge. The ASC creates a National Registry Number for each appraiser and protects each appraiser’s privacy rights. This unique identification number is provided to appropriate State and Federal regulatory agen­cies to simplify multi-State queries regarding specific appraisers.

C. Registry Fee Policies

Each State must remit to the ASC a National Registry fee on an annual basis for each State certified or State licensed appraiser listed on the National Registry. The annual fee for each certified or licensed appraiser is $25. Fees will not be prorated or refunds granted for partial year registrations. If a State has not transmitted an appraiser’s annual fee to the ASC, that individual is not recorded in the Registry and is not eligible to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions. If a State issues multiple-year certifications and licenses and collects multiple-year fees, the State may choose to remit to the ASC the total amount of the multiple year National Registry fees. The ASC can only record individuals on the National Registry for the number of years paid.4 If an appraiser, for any reason, becomes uncertified or unlicensed, the appraiser is entitled to a refund consisting of any remaining full-year portions of the appraiser’s multiple year fees. When the ASC receives proper documentation of this

4 The Comptroller General of the United States, in Decision B-279866.2 (November 3, 1998), prohibited the ASC from identifying appraisers on the National Registry as eligible to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transac­tions for years for which a State has collected fees but has not transmitted them to the ASC.

loss in status from a State, the ASC will transmit those fees promptly to the State for refund to the appraiser. [Paragraph amended January 13, 1999.]

Upon receipt of a State’s data submission, the ASC will process the data for inclusion in the National Registry. At the end of each month, the ASC will generate an invoice based on the data submissions received during the month from the State and will forward the invoice, with explanatory information, to the State. The State should review the invoice for accuracy immediately upon receipt and notify the ASC of any questions. The State must pay the invoice within 45 days from the invoice date. Interest will accrue on any unpaid amounts as specified by Federal law. Checks or electronic transfers should be made payable to the “Appraisal Subcommittee.”

The ASC will consider an appraiser inactive if his or her certificate or license renewal fee is not re­ceived within 45 days of the invoice date. When in an inactive status, an appraiser is not authorized to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions, and the appraiser’s listing in the National Registry will be removed. The ASC will change an appraiser from inactive to active status and reinstate his or her listing on the Registry only when it receives the renewal fee and appropriate renewal information from the State agency.

D.   Data Submission Policies

The Registry’s value and usefulness are largely dependent on the quality and frequency of State collected data. Accurate and frequent data submissions from all States are necessary to maintain an up-to-date Registry. States must submit appraiser data to the ASC no less frequently than monthly. If a State’s data does not change during the month, the State agency must notify the ASC of that fact in writing. We encourage States to submit data as frequently as possible, up to daily. Each data submission must include the State’s complete Registry-related appraiser database. This complete submission will be compared against existing Registry data to update appraiser information and to calculate Registry fees for generating invoices.

E.    Public Availability of Registry Data

The releasable portions of National Registry information can be obtained via the Internet at the ASC Web site (www.asc.gov) or through the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Certain personal information about an individual appraiser is protected by the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, and the ASC does not make it available through either source.

The ASC Web site provides free access to the public portion of the Registry. The entire public portion may be downloaded, and predefined queries and user-customized queries are available for all releasable information. Access to the full database, which includes some non-public data, e.g., certain disciplinary action information, is restricted to authorized State and Federal regulatory agencies.

Alternatively, public Registry information is available through NTIS. Subscriptions for database updates, as well as record sorts by factors such as State and zip code, may be obtained through NTIS. When requesting Registry data, refer to The Real Estate Appraisers Registry, the NTIS catalogue name. For additional information about the Registry database, please write:

U. S. Department of Commerce
National Technical Information Service
Room 301-F
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
Telephone: (703) 487-4812
Fax: (703) 321-8547

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the National Registry, State agencies should designate a high ranking State agency administrative officer, such as an executive director, who will serve as the State agency’s Registry contact official. The State agency should advise the ASC in writing regarding the se­lected designee and should ensure that the authorization is kept current. The ASC will accept inquiries and information relating to National Registry data from this authorized individual only.