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Appraiser Compliance Review Findings

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AMC Compliance Review Findings

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How ASC Monitors State Compliance

The ASC monitors how each State's regulatory program:
  • recognizes and enforces the standards, requirements and procedures pre­scribed by Title XI of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (Title XI),
  • has adequate authority to carry out its Title XI-related functions,
  • makes decisions consistent with Title XI concerning appraisal stan­dards, appraiser qualifications, supervision of appraiser practices and registration of AMCs.
The ASC's Compliance Review process is risk-based review process, focusing on areas of State Appraiser or AMC Programs that are not in compliance with Title XI or that exhibit characteristics which could lead to non-compliance. The ASC's rating criteria for Compliance Review Reports focus on three key components:
  • Complying with Title XI mandates and requirements of ASC Policy Statements
  • Maintaining a strong regulatory program
  • Limiting overall risk of Program failure

More information on how ASC monitors State real estate appraiser and AMC regulatory programs is available in ASC Annual Reports.