Member Representatives

ASC has seven members, each designated by the head of their agency. The FFIEC appoints a chair from the member representatives to serve a two-year term.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Logo

Chair: Zixta Martinez

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
Member since April 2022
Martinez is Deputy Director
Alternate Member: John Schroeder since July 2019


Housing and Urban Development Logo

Vice Chair: Bobbi Borland

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Member since February 2020
Borland is Deputy Director of Office of Single Family Program Development
Alternate Member: Brian Barnes since February 2020


Federal Reserve Logo

Member: Suzanne Williams

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Member since May 2022
Williams is Deputy Associate Director, Division of Supervision and Regulation
Alternate Member: Keshia King since May 2022


Controller Currency Image

Member: Enice Thomas

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Member since January 2021
Thomas is the Deputy Comptroller for Credit Risk in Bank Supervision Policy
Alternate Member: Jim Rives since December 2019


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Logo

Member: Luke Brown

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Member since May 2022
Brown is Associate Director for Supervisory Policy, Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection
Alternate Member: Tom Lyons since May 2022


National Credit Union Administration

Member: Tim Segerson

National Credit Union Administration
Member since May 2013
Segerson is Deputy Director of the Office of Examination and Insurance
Alternate Member: JeanMarie Komyathy since March 2022


Federal Housing Finance Agency Logo

Member: Maria Fernandez

Federal Housing Finance Agency
Member since October 2014
Fernandez is Senior Associate Director, Housing and Regulatory Policy
Alternate Member: Julie Giesbrecht since January 2022



ASC Meetings

The ASC meets at least 4 times per year. Meetings are open to the public.

How to Attend