Appraiser Regulatory Program Compliance Review Findings

State-by-State data on ASC’s findings from reviewing each State’s appraiser regulatory program. For more information, view the rating criteria (PDF)
State Name Appraiser Date of Review Appraiser Compliance Review Findings Review Cycle
Alabama January 2020 Good Two-Year
Alaska August 2019 Good Two-Year
Arizona August 2018 Excellent Two-Year
Arkansas March 2020 Needs Improvement Two-Year
California October 2018 Excellent Two-Year
Colorado August 2018 Good Two-Year
Connecticut June 2018 Excellent Two-Year
Delaware March 2019 Good Two-Year
District of Columbia April 2019 Good Two-Year
Florida February 2019 Good Two-Year
Georgia March 2018 Good Two-Year
Guam December 2019 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Hawaii December 2019 Good Two-Year
Idaho April 2019 Good Two-Year
Illinois September 2019 Not Satisfactory One-Year
Indiana April 2019 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Iowa July 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Kansas November 2019 Good Two-Year
Kentucky May 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Louisiana April 2018 Excellent Two-Year
Maine June 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Massachusetts July 2018 Needs Improvement Two-Year with Follow-up
Michigan September 2018 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Minnesota September 2018 Good Two-Year
Mississippi May 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Missouri June 2018 Good Two-Year
Montana September 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Nebraska March 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Nevada May 2018 Good Two-Year
New Hampshire July 2019 Good Two-Year
New Jersey November 2018 Good Two-Year
New Mexico June 2019 Needs Improvement Two-Year with Follow-up
New York October 2019 Good Two-Year
North Carolina November 2018 Excellent Two-Year
North Dakota June 2018 Excellent Two-Year
Ohio August 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Oklahoma September 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Oregon July 2018 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Pennsylvania May 2018 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Puerto Rico November 2019 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Rhode Island October 2019 Good Two-Year
South Carolina February 2019 Good Two-Year
South Dakota August 2018 Good Two-Year
Tennessee January 2019 Good Two-Year
Texas February 2020 Excellent Two-Year
Utah February 2019 Good Two-Year
Vermont August 2018 Needs Improvement Two-Year with Follow-up
Virgin Islands December 2018 Needs Improvement Two-Year
Virginia June 2019 Excellent Two-Year
Washington August 2018 Excellent Two-Year
West Virginia December 2018 Good Two-Year
Wisconsin November 2019 Good Two-Year
Wyoming June 2019 Good Two-Year
Maryland April 2018 Excellent Two-Year